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Many Thanks! Muito Obrigada!

Many thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way with this project, from the initial brainstorm to the final proofreading, and everything in between:


•Zephyr Frank at Stanford University for his neverending guidance, support, and ideas. This project truly would not have been possible without him.


•Everyone at the Spatial History Lab at Stanford University including Erik Steiner and Kathy Harris for their support.


•Whitney Berry who was always so willing and able to help me with her GIS savvy and problem solving both in the U.S. and while I was in Brazil.


•Sidney Chalhoub at UNICAMP who guided me through the archives in Rio de Janeiro and at UNICAMP and the researchers at CECULT who helped me with a variety of sources and data.


•Hebe Mattos at UFF in Niteroi who gave me some guidance about my project and the archives in Rio de Janeiro.


•Mari Hayman, one of Professor Frank's earlier Research Assistants who did the initial research on Joao do Rio. If it wasn't for her work I may have never come across Joao do Rio and the inspiration for this project.


•Patricia Grijo and Luana Smeets from the Fulbright Commission in Brazil for contributing to my flawless and fantastic Fulbright experience.


•My parents for their continual support and multiple visits to Brazil (where they managed to bring bagels, the one thing I couldn't find in Rio).


•And last but not least, my brother for proof reading this site. If there are any errors talk to him.

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